Rubbery tree – how will it help us?

Tamanu tree which – due to its large, thick, coriaceous leaves – is called a “rubbery tree” comes from areas of the Pacific. Its round fruit are the source of a valuable oil which is becoming extremely popular all over the world. It is mainly used in cosmetics and unfortunately it’s quite costly because to get 11 pounds of the oil we need 220 pounds of the fruit.

It’s worth to treat yourself with tamanu oil even once in a lifetime – it offers unusual soothing properties. It is also antiviral and anti-inflammatory. The oil is recommeded to people who are fighting with acne and skin irritations as it’s soothing as well as antibacterial and antiviral. It rids of any scars and repairs the epidermis quickly and effectively.

Women who are struggling with postpartum stretch marks will also love tamanu. Used for a massage, it will make the skin firm and moisturized as well as make the stretch marks disappear gradually.

Its surprising effectiveness results from the fact that the oil contains untypical and rare chemical compounds, namely calophyllolide acid and calophyllolides. They are strong organic compounds found in plants belonging to the group of flavonoids – ingredients which are highly antioxidant and prevent destructive influence of UV radiation.

Also other, desired in cosmetics, substances are included in this valuable oil: oleic acid (around 49%), linoleic acid (around 21%), lactones (especially coumarin which has anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory anti-allergic properties) and sterols which help to transport fatts in the organism therefore help UFA (Unsaturated Fatty Acids) to reach all the cells quickly and effectively.

It is invaluable when it comes to soothing the wounds and long-term skin damages. After 6 weeks of oil treatment, you will notice that all the scars and stretch marks on your body have become much smaller. It is also used as therapies for dehydrated and extremely overdried skin. It will be also successful in struggle with cold sore, foot and nail fungus, callosity, also on the heels. What’s more, it will iron our wrinkles, rid of broken blood vessels, and because it contains lactones,  it will make the varix smaller through enhancing blood transfer.

Irreplaceable on holidays – applied to hair and skin, not only will it protect us from harmful UV radiation but also soothe any sunburns and … scare the mosquitos away!

Apart from healing, it also takes care of our good looks. It provides complexion care, rids of pimples as well as smooths the wrinkles, moisturizes the skin and reduces the excess of sebum. The oil will rejuvenate and regenerate the skin for a long time as it penetrates into all layers of the skin (epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue).

You can add it to creams and cosmetic masks (both face and hair masks). Apply it directly to the face and the entire body skin, especially in places that require special care (stretch marks, drying, callousing, wrinkles, acne, cold sore).

We also recommend it for hair oiling. Due to large amount of “transporters which help good fats and antioxidants to reach the cells of our organism quickly”, the oil will provide us with the effect of beautiful hair and healthy scalp relatively quicker than other oils. The only drawback of this wonderful oil is its scent – it doesn’t smell like a coconut or almond; more like a vegetable salad. But still…it might have been much worse…