What are the properties of tamanu oil for hair?

Tamanu oil is obtained in the process of cold pressing nuts of tamanu tree. Extracted oil has quite thick consistency, characteristic scent and green-brown colour. This product is not resistant to heat, so it shouldn't be warmed up. Original and organic tamanu oil should be unrefined. What is more, it should be stored in the fridge for 24 month since the date of pressing.


Tamanu oil can be used both on hair and scalp. It is great in conditioning of all hair types. Despite thick formula, product is easy to administer, absorbs well in the thicker streaks structures and skin. Furthermore, tamanu oil is rich in plenty of nourishing substances. There are present saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, including linolic and olei acid. Those are ingredients responsible for improvement of general scalp and hair condition. What else properties has tamanu oil? This cosmetic maybe helpful in skin care of body and face. It helps calm inflammations, prevents acne, restores natural protective barrier of the skin, prevents premature ageing, smoothers minor wrinkles, consists of antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Tamanu oil is very often used in hair and scalp care. What are effects of treatment with this product?

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How to use tamanu oil on your hair?

Tamanu oil is produced in the process of cold pressing seeds coming from Tamanu trees fruit. This way, the obtained liquid has a thick consistency, brownish – green colour

Tamanu oil can be used as an individual conditioning product or be used as an addition to one's favourite hair mask, hair conditioner or shampoo. It perfectly applies on both dry and damp hair. Tamanu oil limits sebum secretion, prevents oily hair, provides scalp with natural pH. It strengthens hair bulbs and follicles, stimulates hair growth, prevents excess hair loss, deeply nourishes and regenerates. Oil protects against sun radiation and some products with strong cleansing ingredients (shampoos with SLS, hair dyes with high concentration of ammonia) and chemical and mechanical damages as well as pollution from external world. Tamanu oil protects hair and scalp against sun radiation, hot air from blow dryers, straighteners and often hairdresser's treatments, such as colourisation or permanent wave. What is more, tamanu oil smoothers, provides gloss, moisturises and helps with stylisation.