How to use tamanu oil on your hair?

Tamanu oil is produced in the process of cold pressing seeds coming from Tamanu trees fruit. This way, the obtained liquid has a thick consistency, brownish – green colour and a very intense fragrance. It is 100% natural and unrefined. It is very important to store it at room temperature, because it stiffens whenever the temperature is lower that than 10 ° C.

There are many ways to apply tamanu oil. However, before you start the application, make sure to determine the right dose. The amount of the cosmetic must depend on the length, density, porosity, the degree of destruction of the strands and the condition of the scalp. Tamanu oil may also be used as an addition to other hair care cosmetics. It is worth remembering that you can add it to the masks and nutrients to improve the condition of your hair and scalp. Just a few drops will be more than enough in order to enrich the composition of products that we use every day. Remember that Tamanu oil should be mixed thoroughly with a mask or conditioner, and then applied to the hair or scalp, just the way you usually do it.

Tamanu oil treatment should last until our hair and scalp is nourished, healthier and more beautiful. The interesting fact is that the product can be applied both on dry and wet strands. What is more, never forget that your scalp and hair must be washed prior to any further treatment. In order to prevent any split ends, damage and drying, rub a small amount of tamanu oil into the ends of your hair. Additionally, you can also apply several drops of tamanu oil to the rest of your hair. Be careful not to exceed its amount. Otherwise you can weight down your hair too much. Next, tie it in a tight braid or bun. You can also wear a plastic cap with a towel over it and after about 40 minutes wash your hair thoroughly with a gentle shampoo. When it comes to blow-drying your hair, use the dryer with cold air flow or leave it to air dry. The application on damp hair will look pretty similar. One teaspoon of tamanu oil spread on the whole strands; you can even try to rub a small amount of oil into the scalp.. Now, you can as well tie all your hair in a tight bun and secure it with a towel. The heat that will be created underneath your tower will intensify the absorption of nutrients and improve blood circulation. What is more, a few-minute scalp massage will strengthen the roots and hair follicles.

Tamanu oil can also be used in the process of oiling your hair. What is the treatment all about? It is quite a popular method of hair and scalp regeneration. Do not forget that this procedure must be preceded by washing off any sebum or dead skin cell from your scalp. Then the hair should be drained of the excess water with a paper towel. For oiling the hair, you can use about two tablespoons of tamanu oil. You can apply the product to both the hair and scalp. After about an hour your scalp must be thoroughly washed and left to dry. If you think that your hair is still greasy, then again, wash it with a shampoo containing SLS. This step is optional: you can apply a special conditioner without rinsing.